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We always commit to the highest standards of ethical business practices, promptness, fair pricing, quality craftsmanship, care for your home, and an above and beyond approach when servicing your home plumbing needs. We offer you more than contract plumbing services; we like to give you comfort, security, and peace of mind so you can get on with your busy life.

If you live in Harvey, Gretna, Kenner, Metairie, Terrytown, Westwego, or the Greater New Orleans area, contact us today to schedule your plumbing services!

As a locally owned company, it is more than simply a plumbing contractor business to us – you are our friends and neighbors and we will always treat you as such. We aim to be the most trusted, knowledgeable, and easy plumbing experience you’ll ever have!

Our Services

Sewer Services

A-1 Drain Cleaners does more than just unclog drains. We offer a full range of sewer services, including main sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, and sewer line cleaning. It is critical to get the proper help to repair or replace the sewer lines as soon as possible to avoid damage. Our plumbing professionals are [...]

Sewer & Drain Cleaning

A-1 Drain Cleaners' plumbing professionals are available 24/7 to perform routine drain maintenance, emergency drain cleaning services and sewer cleaning. Our drain cleaning services include floor drains, downspout drains, storm drains, sewer drains, and more. As a leading drain cleaning company, A-1 Drain Cleaners is out-pacing the industry by cleaning more drains and performing more [...]

Water Jetting

Grease, sludge, sand and debris are the main causes of drain line blockages. Our high-pressure water jetting service can help you clear this sediment by: Penetrating and emulsifying grease. Breaking up sludge and debris. Pulverizing roots. Cutting out hardened scale. Flushing out the system. What is Water Jetting? High-pressure water jetting is an efficient, economical, [...]

Video Pipe Inspection

Specially designed waterproof plumbing cameras allow plumbing technicians to conduct a visual inspection of sewer lines and other underground pipes, including pipes under cement and under your home’s foundation. To begin your sewer camera inspection, our skilled technician inserts a rod with a high-resolution video camera on its tip into your sewer lines. These high-tech [...]

Remodels & Re-Routes

We also offer minor plumbing repairs and re-routes (Pictures Required)What is a Plumbing Re-Route? A plumbing re-route is the act or relocating plumbing pipes in or out of your home. This includes both water supply lines and those used for waste drains. When Would You Need a Plumbing Re-Route? You would want to consider a [...]

Under-Slab Repairs

Tunneling and under-slab repairs with insurance claims welcome! (Pictures Required) Slab leaks are leaks from pipes that are under the concrete or encased in the concrete that a home or business rests on. Builders normally run piping for water and electrical piping through the slab foundation. This is convenient and can serve as a preventative [...]